It all ends…

I was dreading those three words for so long. I’m not ready for it to end! They can keep making books and movies until I’m old and gray and I will still love them and still wear my Harry Potter is my boyfriend t-shirt. But alas, it will be no more. I will no longer be able to look forward to the newness of it all. Mock me if you must, but it will not phase me.

I have stuck with Harry til the very end…

I studied with Hermione. Laughed with Ron. Hid creatures with Hagrid. Pulled pranks with Fred and George. I forgot with Neville. Got caught with the D.A. I was loyal to Dumbledore. Got detentions from Snape. I played Quidditch with the best of ‘em. I was a brave Gryffindor. Kept up the rivalry with Slytherin. I fought against Voldemort.

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